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Take experience
beyond e-commerce

Open shopping outlet to ship orders and service shoppers nearby.

Touch & feel products

In-store collect & exchange

Ship e-commerce orders fast

How AllSome Works
Offer walk-in for shoppers

Open your products for experience and build awesome interactions.

Automated services

Run the operations based on your policy. Before and after sales in one place.

Wide coverage

Bring your brands to 50 cities! 2,000+ outlets at your service.

Why AllSome

Experience is everything for e-commerce, AllSome makes it awesome!



Shoppers still have the need to see, feel and touch.


Shoppers would rather shop with brands with physical location.


Shoppers will buy again if return process was easy.


Experience Outlets


Delivery options


E-commerce interactions

How does it work?

Launch e-commerce outlet in 3 simple steps!


Choose Outlet

Strategy location for your e-commerce stores.



Share the good news to your shoppers & the world!



Shoppers walk-in for experience and ship e-commerce orders!

Everything you need to run your
awesome e-commerce

Multiple platforms

Integrate seamlessly, AllSome Open API, bulk upload and place single order through portal.

Ship fast

Domestic, international, Cash on Delivery (COD), standard, same day, one hour or self pick up.

Physical outlets

Free access to all our locations. Be next to your shopper to make the experience real & right.

Try before purchase

Let shoppers find and order the most suitable one, they will definitely return again!

Return & exchange

Return to store and exchange same day. Offer a smooth and 10x faster return experience.

Customizable logic

Share your e-commerce procedures and outlets execute as instructed. Take control and work from anywhere.

Inventory reports

Clean & report for inbound, in-store and shipped SKUs. By orders, locations and dates.

Giveaway & samples

Reach more shoppers with your trial sets and let the products sell for themselves!

Data insights

Get actionable insights and know how your shoppers interact with your products in real life.

Pricing & Plans

Free access to outlets, pay-as-you-go.



  • MYR1.00 / extra item
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  • Free 30 meter cube / month
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  • Free for Shopee & Lazada
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How can my shoppers try my products at outlets?

Share your outlet links to your shoppers, shoppers can book the experience and walk in to try as wanted!
Contact us to learn more

I'm selling in Shopee, what is the total fee to ship an order?

Assumed you have 2 items (below 1KG each) in an order.
The total fee = 2 items x MYR1.00 = MYR2.00
That's all!
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I sell in multiple e-commerce platform, can I still use AllSome?

Certainly, AllSome is integrated with Shopify, Shopee, Lazada, Woocommerce and Shopline.
Shipping fee is chargeable if the orders are not shipped under Shopee Logistics or Lazada Logistics.

How can I pass AllSome the order details & instructions?

Once sign up with AllSome, we will integrate with your sales stores to automate the process.
Paid orders will be packed and shipped automatically!
We also come with open API for integration, dashboard to place orders and perform bulk order upload.

Can AllSome supports return & exchange?

Yes! AllSome system enable you to define the return logic for approved return orders.
Once returned, AllSome outlet will receive, quality check and exchange as needed.

Can I use AllSome to collect Cash On Delivery (COD)?

Yes! We offer weekly settlement back to your given bank account in your home currency. Let's get started by contact AllSome Sales today!
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How storage fee is calculated?

We measure the dimension for every item. For example, 25cm (width) x 35cm (height) x 3cm (thickness) = 0.25 x 0.35 x 0.03 = 0.0026 meter cube per item
Storing 300 pieces of the item above = 0.0026 x 300pcs = 0.78 meter cube per day.
Storing for 30 days = 30 x 0.78 = 23.4 meter cube
For all our awesome sellers, we offer FREE 30 meter cubes per month.
If your inventory is less than 30 meter cube as above, it's FREE!

What if I stored more than 30 meter cubes per month?

No problem, we come with 500 hubs with unlimited space for your need.
Let's say if you stored 35 meter cubes in that month, 5 meter cube is chargeable.
5 meter cube x MYR2.00 per meter cube = MYR10.00 only.
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