Simplify Cross Border Supply Chain with e-Commerce Fulfillment

Simplify Cross Border Supply Chain with e-Commerce Fulfillment

Simplify Cross Border Supply Chain with...

What is e-commerce fulfillment?

E-commerce fulfillment refers to the process of inventory store, pick & pack and delivery. In reality, it’s more than that.
In AllSome, we define e-commerce fulfillment as the processes of fulfilling your e-commerce supply chain. The processes have included inbound, storage, pick & pack, delivery, return & exchange, resend and claims.

There is no shortcut in e-commerce fulfillment

To win your online business, you have to carefully plan from suppliers, products, delivery all the way to buyers. It’s called supply chain because every phase is closely chained from one to another. And, every phase come with difficulties and problems. Therefore, running a successful business is never easy.

There is no shortcut but luckily we do have helps. With the evolution of e-commerce, we have e-commerce fulfillment whereby the term originated from Fulfillment by Amazon. The idea behind is to enable online sellers to focus on selling while Amazon will take care of the logistics part.

After all, not everyone is selling in Amazon. Therefore, third-party fulfillment service provider was introduced. The goal is to enable online sellers to focus on sales while the logistics part is well-taken of. Although the needs are there, we are nothing close to a worry-free solution yet.

Supply chain is usually long

How your supply chain is set up depends on supply and demand. In details, it’s determined by where and how you obtain the supply (suppliers) and deliver to the demand (buyers). Supply chain is long because it was never something that can done by a single party. In another way of saying, the supply chain needs significant contributions from multiple parties.

The most basic example is product planning, manufacturing, delivery to warehouse, pick & pack, delivery to buyer. Throughout this simple example, it has involved FIVE parties who operate very differently. In real life, the supply chain will involve more complexity.

Cross border supply chain may go beyond your imagination

You want to succeed your supply chain with lower cost but faster speed. With these two considerations and availability of resources & demand, it’s very common that you will be running a cross border supply chain for your e-commerce.

As much as the industry is improving, the challenges are still beyond your imagination. Cross border means you are working with a partner who came from a different country, culture, language, thoughts and laws. Not hard for everyone to have a miscommunication and any issue that arise, called it an international problem.

Speed up your cross border e-commerce supply chain

The evolution of e-commerce can no longer allow you to stay in your home country. You always travel to stay competitive in the market. If cross border is unavoidable, we suggest to speed up your cross border e-commerce supply chain. Reduce the times spent on every phase as anything slow down with burnt up a lot of money.

For example, you have manufactured 10,000 pieces of inventory. Not having the inventory to move around, this actually means:
i. The money you have invested into the inventory is not coming back to your bank account.
ii. You need a space to store your inventory, rental fee will incur.
If your money is not coming back to you but at the same times you kept spending the money, this will hurt your cash flow and lead to an end eventually.

So, the best case scenario is that once the inventory has been manufactured, all of them were sold instantly. Then, without staying a single day in the warehouse, it’s moving towards the buyers right away. It save you warehousing cost and the best part your inventory is moving and you are one step closer of having your investment back to you with profit!

E-commerce fulfillment does not exactly mean delivery

Many mixed up the terms whereby they thought delivery services mean fulfillment. The correct understanding is that delivery is part of the fulfillment process. Same as every chain, delivery service is very essential to fulfillment as it will impact the e-commerce experience for your buyers.

Choose your suitable shipping methods

Some want delivery speed, some want affordable price. There is no right or wrong, just choose the suitable ones. If you were to answer who is doing very well in cross border shipping, most likely you will say Fedex or DHL. But, they are expensive. And, not everyone can afford it.

For example, if you want to ship a 0.5KG of product from Hong Kong to United States, the shipping cost might be equalled to your sales value. In result, many online sellers start to look for affordable shipping services. There are hundreds to thousand of cross border delivery services, it’s going to take up a significant efforts to filter one-by-one.

Therefore, get yourself a reliable fulfillment partner. As delivery service is part of fulfillment process, the rightful partner is supposed to answer to your needs.

AllSome – Your Virtual Fulfillment Manager

Yes, AllSome Fulfillment can do it! AllSome founding team was once running a cross border e-commerce business and suffered through it. We believe we manage to create value to cross border e-commerce fulfillment by providing solutions which built on top of our experience. We aim to empower cross border supply chain with super speed!

Sounds too good to be true? Grab your $50 free credit and try it now! Contact us today!

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