Air freight & sea freight for cross border e-commerce

Air freight & sea freight for cross border e-commerce

Air freight & sea freight for cross...

Why air freight? Delivery speed is the key!

There are plenty of reasons for that:

  1. Buyers wants to have what they bought quickly.
  2. Faster delivery also means better buyer e-commerce experience.
  3. Better buyer e-commerce experience also means higher customer retention.
  4. Higher customer retention also means higher second times purchase – higher sales!
  5. Faster delivery has proven to reduce online sellers’ customer support efforts. The idea is to have the buyers received the package before they checked or asked.
  6. Better cash flow. Some e-commerce platforms and payment gateway will hold the funds until the package has delivered. So, having a faster delivery also mean having money into your bank faster!
  7. More visibility. Having a tracking page with more tracking updates to inform buyers of the package whereabouts.
  8. And, many more…

Why sea freight? Cost is also the key!

Sea freight will take approximately 1 month to arrive to door. Slow, yes, but we are talking about 80% of cost saving compared to air freight. So, it’s still a good shipping method to consider for online sellers.

But, online sellers want to get what they ordered quickly! Therefore, usually, online sellers will be using sea freight to move inventory from supplier country to buyer destination country. Once the inventory has been inbounded to fulfillment facility, only the online sellers will start selling to ensure higher buyer satisfaction.

Look for the right freight forwarders

Although we can ship through air or sea, they are managed by different freight forwarder experts. There are over thousands over freight forwarders you can search online and there is no easy work. Hence, there are also freight forwarder consolidators to make the filtering easier. But either, no one is both expert in sea freight and air freight at the same times. And, many reliable freight forwarders are still offline.

Stay tuned

We will cover on the facts and options that you have for air freight & sea freight in separate new article. AllSome Autoship connect and automate cross border fulfillment processes for online sellers. Try for free today!


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