AllSome: Next Hour Shopee Fulfillment Malaysia

AllSome: Next Hour Shopee Fulfillment Malaysia

AllSome: Next Hour Shopee Fulfillment...

Running an e-commerce business is not easy! As online sellers, we have to admit that having paid orders are the happiest moments, the after sales fulfillment processes can be exhausted. 87% of purchase decision is made based on speed. This is why AllSome is excited to introduce Next Hour Shopee Fulfillment today!

AllSome: Next Hour Shopee Fulfillment

The fulfillment processes have included: 1) View the sold order, 2) Print the airway bill, 3) Pick the items, 4) Pack the items into courier bag, 5) Attached airway bill, 6) Book pick up with delivery partner, 7) Hand over to delivery partner or drop off to nearby drop off points.

There are several key considerations for Shopee Fulfillment:

Same day fulfillment

Sometimes, buyers may cancel the orders before the order was shipped. Hence, it’s essential for online sellers to fulfill the orders same day to retain the online sales. Buyers will receive the notification right-away and gained more trust towards the transactions.

Same day handover to delivery partner

The fulfilled parcels must be handed to Shopee delivery partners quickly. We have to make sure the parcels were scanned by the delivery partner upon hand over. The shipping period will affect your search ranking under Shopee.

Choose the right delivery partner

Buyer satisfaction depends on delivery experience, we should use suitable delivery partners for the selling products. The delivery speed is another key consideration to meet customer expectations, which encourage customers to return for second purchase.

Proper protection for the parcels

Pack the product well enough to avoid from damage with bubble wrap and corner protection.

Accurate fulfillment

This means pack the right items based on the orders and ensure labeled the right airway bill. The advice is to process one order at a time to avoid confusion. Receiving the wrong orders will cause return & exchange and less satisfactory experience for the buyers.

Running an e-commerce is not easy. Apart from fulfillment, there are many other tasks that are essential for the businesses, including sourcing, marketing and customer supports. AllSome, we help Shopee online sellers to store, pack and send orders automatically on daily basis.

Some AllSome Fulfillment Key Features

  • Automatic daily order sync from Shopee to AllSome
  • Automatic pick and packs orders with ready inventory
  • Daily hand over to delivery partner
  • Ensure same day parcel scanning
  • Pay-as-you-go, as low as RM30 per month
  • Next hour fulfillment!

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