Best shipping rate from China to Malaysia

Best shipping rate from China to Malaysia

Best shipping rate from China to Malaysia

Huge pricing gap to be filled

Shipping fee for e-commerce should not be more than 25% of the sales value. If you are paying more, means there is still a gap to be filled. Back in 2012, when AllSome founding team first started on cross border e-commerce venture, the shipping fee is MYR60.00 – MYR100.00 (US$15.00 – US$25.00) per KG. And now, it’s MYR12.00 (US$3.00) per KG.

Affordable shipping fee is achievable

It just needs some times. This depends on logistics infrastructure, openness of trading & import policy and the demand for the end-to-end shipping lane. From our experience, the cost reduction can be over 80%. Behind it, the main reason is because of the usage volume. For cross border logistics, it has involved first mile warehousing, custom clearance (origin), carrier, custom clearance (destination), warehousing and last mile delivery. When the demand is less, the cost is higher. On the other hand, when the volume is there, the overall cost will be reduced.

We suffered, so that you don’t need to

AllSome founding team hustled through the old days, fighting through hundreds of freight forwarders. And now, we hand-picked the reliable partners and open for everyone. Although there is still space for improvement, the service level is relatively quality to serve as a working & reliable solution.

We determine the service level of the shipping from the perspective of:
i. Customer support. Things can go very wrong as the journey from a country to another is very far. And, you will really need someone that you can at least talk to you when miserable parcel time came.
ii. Delivery quality. The least we are asking, the parcel must be able to reach where & when we want it to arrive. For most of the times, the faster the shipping times, the least customer support is needed.
iii. Affordable pricing.

Choose your cross border shipping method

There are mainly four types of shipping methods for e-commerce parcels:
i. Air freight. The shipments are transported through airplane. Majority of shipments were actually carried through passenger flight. This is why during the pandemic, the shipping fee has increased as the space is limited.
ii. Sea freight. You can ship through full container load (loaded up the whole container) or loose container (usually pay by occupied meter cube).
iii. Land. Usually faster than sea freight but slower than air freight.
iv. Railway. Similar to land, it’s more affordable compared to air freight.

Offering best rate for cross border online sellers

In term of delivery maturity from China to Malaysia, we suggest air freight and sea freight.
Air freight: Faster. Suitable for shipment that need speed and better experience.
Sea freight: Slower but cheaper. Suitable to deliver in heavy and bulk shipment.

Either case, we are offering the lowest rate and let’s enjoy selling!
Air Freight: As low as MYR 13.50 per KG. 3 to 7 business days.
Sea Freight: As low as MYR 390/CBM. 15-25 business days.

Best shipping rate- China to Malaysia (Jun, 2021)

AllSome – Your Virtual Fulfillment Manager

AllSome founding team was once running a cross border e-commerce business and suffered through it. We believe we manage to create value to cross border e-commerce fulfillment by providing solutions which built on top of our experience. We aim to empower cross border supply chain with super speed!

Sounds too good to be true? Contact us today to get a full rate card!

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