An honest guide for e-commerce fulfillment

An honest guide for e-commerce fulfillment

An honest guide for e-commerce fulfillment
What is e-commerce fulfillment

Generally, it refers to the process of store, pick & pack and delivery.
It’s correct but not sophisticated enough.

E-commerce supply chain is expensive

The existing third party fulfillment is mostly run under centralized warehouses. This means a relatively large warehouse space with centralized manpower and fulfillment equipment & devices; serving hundreds to thousands of online sellers at the same time.
It’s working but not meant for everyone.

Running a supply chain is never easy

Because, running a supply chain is challenging. You will have a lot of exceptions throughout the processes. With our experience with hundreds of online sellers over the years, these exceptions are related to suppliers, inventories, delivery and buyers. Yes, this means every stage of your supply chain.

The toughest part however is every supply chain issue is unique. They suffered differently. In order for centralized warehouse to enhance efficiency, standardizing everything is the key. But, fixed standards do not work for everyone.

For example
If you are selling educational toy with 20 pieces in a box. However, over 15% of the inventory come with some random pieces that are broken due to transportation; from suppliers to warehouse & from warehouse to buyers. No one is at fault for this process but buyer satisfaction is very essential.
So, what solutions do you have?
A: Enhance packaging
B: Open up and check every pieces in every box before shipment
C: Send replacement pieces to buyer

Centralized warehouse can’t help

Remember, centralized warehouses run under fixed standard? So, no, centralized warehouses cannot cater for this. Not that they don’t want to but they just can’t. Non-standard procedures will take a long time to process as centralized warehouses are serving hundreds of sellers concurrently. You will be under wait list until it’s your turn.

So, the point is that you will need a dedicated warehouse with dedicated team for your supply chain. But, it’s expensive to build your dedicated fulfillment team. And, e-commerce supply chain is cost and time sensitive!

Then, what if you can build a dedicated team and space for your fulfillment and it’s cheaper than what you are paying to centralised warehouse?

AllSome – Your Virtual Fulfillment Manager

Yes, AllSome Fulfillment can do it! AllSome come with a fulfillment network to fulfill orders by fulfillment community rather than centralized warehouse. This will enable us to serve every online sellers faster and cheaper! We hand-picked secure space that is suitable for your inventory volume, well-train awesome packers to response to your needs through WhatsApp!

Sounds too good to be true? Grab your $50 free credit and try it now! Contact us today!

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