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The cheap & fast way
to send orders abroad.

AllSome is where logistics works.
No minimum. No limit.

How AllSome Works
Receive & store inventory
like local.

Get your own local storage space with address and access.

Order local services and operations.

Arrange pick up, reutrn & exchange, on demand processing at your needs.

Send orders abroad
cheaper and easier.

Access to thousand service providers first hand with no hidden fees.

Start with AllSome
is easier than ever!

Ready your logistics in minutes, not months.
Free access to logistics service providers, compare shipping rates and deploy suitable partners within clicks.

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Automate your logistics
with smart operations.

We share delivery trends and strategies for improving your logistics while making sure you deliver with the best options and performance.

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Grow your business
with trusted partners.

Own and take control of your storage space and delivery partners in foreign countries. Ensure happy buyers with happy partners.

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We made this app to solve your needs.

First Miles

Delivery partners to pick up inventory from suppliers.

Domestic Delivery

Return & exchange and local delivery services.

Cross Border Delivery

End-to-end delivery to buyers. Standard and express lanes available.

Document Preparation

Custom declaration documents and inbound documents.

Labeling & Repack

Kitting, on-demand repacking, relabeling, tagging with given files.

Secured Storage

On-demand storage and pay-as-you-store.

Autoship Orders

Define once, automated all. Pack & send orders automatically.

Package Tracking

Tracking URL with branded page. Auto-update back to online stores.

Delivery News

Gain logistics insights with live trends and rates.

Cost Analysis

Compare delivery options and optimize cost in one place.

Unlimited Stores

Sell everywhere, connect & automate with no limit.

Unlimited Hubs

Connect hubs for all your storage & on-demand needs.

Pay As You Go

No minimum. Cancel anytime.

Friday AI

Logistics AI to make your every day Friday.


Locations to store.


Delivery routes.


Destination countries.

Pricing & Plans

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  • Free storage 3 meter cube
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  • USD0.25 / extra item
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  • Air / Sea / Land
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Can I use AllSome to store my inventory?

Yes, certainly. Once signed up, a virtual hub will be assigned to your account. You can send your inventory to your virtual hub. Storage fee will apply.

What services can be built through AllSome?

Pick up from suppliers, secured inventory storage, quality inspection, document preparations, pick & pack, delivery and on-demand requests.

Which are the supporting countries?

You can build your logistics in China and Malaysia, shipping to 220+ countries.

What delivery methods are supported?

AllSome integrated with wide range of delivery methods, including land, air and sea.

What are the fees?

Storage fee (secured inventory storage)
Handling fee (per item)
Delivery fee (login to get rates)

How long does it take to get set up?

Literally less than 5 minutes! You can get started right away.
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How do I make payments

You can pay using bank transfer or credit card. We have ship first pay later scheme that you can opt in.

Can AllSome submit custom request?

Yes, you own a dedicated virtual hub and therefore you can define custom workflows for your business needs.

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Some Best Delivery Lanes

Pay Less. Save More!

China to United States
- Air Freight



  • USPS / UPS / Fedex / DHL
  • 3 - 8 days
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China to Malaysia
- Air Freight



  • Ninjavan / Kerry Logistics
  • 3 - 6 days
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Malaysia Domestics
- Air Freight



  • Ninjavan / DHL / Poslaju
  • 4 hours delivery
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